First & Third Thursdays

Between Noon & 2PM [PST]

PVP: Limited 

Server: Vanilla

Admins: Active


Not allowed for first days after biweekly wipes. This is a server build up period.

Raiding is only allowed after that following Monday @ Midnight  [PST]

Counter raiding is allowed. 

Using any items to block off a Tool Cupboard will be considered GRIEFING only if you're not taking over the base and using it.

Door camping is not allowed.


Trap bases are allowed! Shops are not allowed to be traps! You should be able to go to a shop without worry of being killed.


If you build inside a QUARRY or CAVE you forfeit raiding protection during the first 3 days after server wipes. You can be raided during this time legally.


You have to be in TOOL CUPBOARD range of your base to shoot any survivors within your LINE OF SIGHT.


ANY Traps, Barricades, Spikes, Landmines and High External Walls have to be in TOOL CUPBOARD range of your base. Survivors that litter any of these items outside of TOOL CUPBOARD range of there base will receive a timed ban.


They are wiped every 3 months unless the game creator FACEPUNCH does it for there own reasons.


Ban times very depending on the violation. 24 Hours is the maximum amount of ban time given unless you have broken our EQUAILTY RULE.

We will not reimburse players for items lost from a glitch or server disconnections.


There is enough room on the map that you do not need to build right next to another survivor. Building right next to another survivor will bring aggression along with base defense rule being used on you or your team. There is high probability when raiding is allowed you will be raided right away. 


Is allowed from unsecured bases and sleeping players. If you break anything to gain entry you are RAIDING which is not allowed during the first 3 days after server wipes. 

Sleeping players can only be killed in PVP areas. 


It is required to take all items from crates, barrels, and boxes. Failure to do so will result in the server not able to respawn them in for others. If you don't need the items throw them on the ground as other survivors will gladly scoop them up.


Need to be on the ground before SURVIVORS are allowed to engage in PVP. Engaging in PVP while it is still in the air will result in timed bans.

Once a survivor has looted the AIRDROP you have until that looter has broken your LINE OF SIGHT to recover AIRDROP items.


This is a COMMUNITY server meaning we are supposed to have some idea of honor and decency. BEING A DICK is not tolerated as this game involves conflict, whether it's over resources, raiding and events. If a survivor has had enough with your actions and feels strongly you are hurting this server the admin team will employ subjective reasoning when dealing with these issues.


No survivor is to be discriminated by another survivor based on race, sexual orientation, religion and political views. Breaking any of these rules will result in a PERMANENT BAN. 


We do encourage survivors to express themselves. 

Public display of paintings and signs must adhere to our EQUALITY RULE.


Survivors need to be inside monuments to engage in PVP. The only exception to this rule is OIL RIGS as they are outside of map coordinates.

You are not allowed to shoot out of monuments. The only exception to this rule is OIL RIGS as they are outside of map coordinates.

You are not allowed to shoot in to monuments. The only exception to this rule is OIL RIGS as they are outside of map coordinates. 

Monuments are any area that is labeled on the map

Dome, Airfield, Launch Site, Gas Station, Quarries, etc.


Once the HELI has crashed it will be marked on the map. Survivors are allowed to engage in PVP at the wreck site.

Once a survivor has looted the HELI CRASH you have until that looter has broken your LINE OF SIGHT to recover HELI CRASH items.



Is sponsored and supported by the SERVER. The community center is a SAFEZONE for all survivors to use as a meeting point or help yourself to any resources to get you started in the game.

As a SAFEZONE there will be no PVP and raiding. There will be no building 1 FULL tile in all directions around the community center to avoid survivors from living off the community center and trying to skirt rules.

All items needed to build and support the community center will ONLY be spawned in by the server owner:  ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  All administration staff are not allowed to spawn in any items. Anyone but the server owner spawning in items will result in a permanent ban of themselves and there associates.


There are admins that do play and if you every receive or trade items with them it will be as a player to player transaction. Logs are checked and flagged for server owners attention. The administration staff understand the seriousness of there positions. They understand even accusations of any form of cheating will be extremely detrimental to the server and community.